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Last 7 hours - whoop whoop

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08| 28

Tomorrow is my last day of work and
I haven’t felt worse. Not because of work ending, but the time, I spent there.
In two weeks, school starts all over again and I’m just not ready for it.
I mean, that’s it, summer?

I haven’t figured out anything yet and
so I didn’t change anything about myself yet. I’m just the same, I was
4 weeks earlier.

This is so sad, because I was so optimistic about this whole thing and
when you look at it right now -


and at once I knew I was not magnificent


This is the roof where we spend most of our hammocking and relaxing time ☺️ #katiesworldrace


idk I need a trip or something like this right now

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That canvas jacket is appealing.

I have to pack over fourth months of my life into 2 checked bags 😭

Roll all your clothes!!!

seabrainer thanks!!! I’ve actually used that tip before!!

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